UPR Cayey RISE Program

The RISE Program at UPR-Cayey is here to help you, the student, to work more effectively and achieve your goals. We offer experiences for those students who want more challenges and are aware that to be productive requires good grades and hard work.

To apply what you have learned

Gaining scientific knowledge and research experience are mutually dependent in today’s rapidly evolving technological world. Extra training can make you more competitive.

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All students and faculty are invited to the seminars / workshops offered by visiting scientists. The schedule of speakers can be seen at this link - Latest Seminar Schedule. To reserve a visit with the scientists please come to the RISE office, MMM 206, and sign up in person for a fifteen-minute session. Interviews or discussions with the speakers can be reserved one week prior to the seminar date. Reserving on the day of the seminar is possible, but the number of time periods is limited. All inquiries or questions can be sent to Cayey.RISE@upr.edu. For more information about RISE and NIH click the listed below

Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement

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About Us

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The RISE Program was initiated at University of Puerto Rico-Cayey in 1984. Since the beginning this program has been funded by the National Institutes of Health through a series of grants either to Dr. Jose M. Velazquez or Dr. Robert Ross.