UPR Cayey RISE Program

Freshmen Research Skills

The  “Bridge to College” includes in workshops that will facilitate your transition from high school to college.  We will introduce you to time management, individual career planning, library use, scientific writing, how to develop a basic research proposal and how to be effective as a team member in research. As part of the RISE Program you will learn basic skills needed to do research and current biomedical techniques through courses and workshops.  During the freshmen year you will learn how to read and handle scientific literature, prepare an annotated bibliography, write a review paper (equivalent to the background and significance of a proposal) as part of a scientific literature course, and to present an article in a journal club.  The writing component will include individual instruction as well as lectures on proper scientific research, writing and presentation methods. The second semester instrumentation workshops will provide different techniques so you will be better prepared for research experiences at the sophomore level. At the completion of the training, there are opportunities for qualified students to participate in research internships.  Some of the research experience will be in Puerto Rico during the semester; others will be in the USA during the summer.  Students will have the opportunity to present the results of these investigations and some will be invited to travel to national universities, work with national/international scientists and learn about graduate schools, health-related postgraduate fellowships and scholarships.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) funds the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Program (RISE).  We are selecting a group of students for the Fall semester to offer the opportunity to participate in the research activities as part of the Undergraduate Research Program of the Department of Biology.  We will provide to 10 students $450 in salary after completing the 3 hours/week of work for 15 weeks. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.  Interviews will begin (To be announce) with applicants who have submitted all their documents. Competitive candidates will be interviewed by the admissions committee.  Please be advised that this is a highly competitive program. A total of 24 students can be admitted, out of which only 10 will be funded based on merit cum need.

The starting days of the workshops will tentatively be from Aug 7 to 10, 2018. The dates are subject to the reopening of the institution and will be communicated to the accepted candidates through email.

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