UPR Cayey RISE Program

Student Activities after the first year

After you complete your first year at Cayey, there are several options available for learning about new research techniques and advancements in science.

On most Tuesdays or Thursdays there are seminars at 10:30am in the science room (Science Building Room 101). A list of the current speakers is available.

These are available periodically and provide a laboratory experience with new biomedical technology.

Summer Research
Research experiences can be had by participating in a summer project in the USA.

Semester Research at UPRC
A semester long project working either on campus or off campus with a mentor is available to a limited number of students.

Semester Research Off-campus
If you are interested in conducting research off-campus during the academic year and have transportation, there are opportunities in other branches of the UPR system or in other institutions.

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