UPR Cayey RISE Program

Senior and Last Year Student

If you are interested in a research experience before graduation, consider one of the following alternatives:

Contact a Local Mentor
Find a Cayey faculty member and determine their willingness to serve as a mentor for your project. Enroll in Biology 4990 or Chemistry 4990 before or during the first week of each semester.

UPR Cayey Mentors

Speak with RISE Program Personnel
If you are interested in gaining research experience, or learn special techniques, come to room 206 in the Science Building and directly talk with us.

Contact a Mentor at Another Institution
Find a professor at another University and inquire if they are willing to work with you. With a letter from this mentor describing your project addressed to the RISE Program, it is possible to obtain credits in Biology or Chemistry for your efforts. Completing the requirements for Biology 4990 or Chemistry 4990 is required.

AfterGraduation and before acceptance to graduate school

There are special programs. These include the following:

  • Bridging programs funded by NIH which several Universities have;
  • PostBaccalaureate programs at NIH; or
  • Contacting a mentor who is willing to pay you as a technician who works on a research project.